Produced by

Glass Bead Collective

Twin Cities Indymedia

Rochester Indymedia

SF Bay Area Indymedia

Times Up Video Collective

LA Indymedia

Directed by

Vlad T

Conceptual Team

Vlad T, Olivia K, Tom S, Dan F, Nikita, Nigel P, Alex (RiotCOP), Eric A, Schock, Michelle G, Dave Id

Opening Sequence

Created by: Dan F, Vlad T, Alex E

S1 — The Battle of St Paul

Directed by: Tom S, Vlad T
Edited by: Tom S, Vlad T

S2 — The Gassing of St Paul

Directed by: Vlad T
Edited by: Vlad T, Anita B, Andy F, Dan F
Music: Alex (RiotCop)

S3 — And Then They Came for the Anarchists

Directed by: Gus, Vlad T
Edited by Gus, Dan F, Vlad T, Joe LS

S4 — And Then They Bombed the Peace March

Directed by: Olivia K, Vlad T Edited by: Olivia K, Dr. Reverbs, Zaul Pink


Vlad T, Dan F, Olivia K, Eric A, Arizona Jim, Michelle G, Anita B, Nikita, Bill D, Austen, Rick R, Dave Id, Dawn Z, Ted F, Andy D, Susan G, Andy F, Elisabeth P, Schock, Ash, Jude O, Wes, Andrew, Flux Rostrum, Bobby, Gus, Brandon J, Nick C, Jen L, Frank L, Jerry L, Lambert R, Wendy B, Rick


Alex (Riot Cop), Amon Tobin, Junk Yard Empire, Sage Francis, RJD2, Deltron 3030

Guerilla Distribution

Dave Id, Eric A, Nigel P, Mikael R, Aaron G

Special Thanks

Communities United Against Police Brutality, Walker Church, Dunkans Fort, Coldsnap Legal Collective & Street Team, North Star Health Collective & Street Medics, National Lawyers Guild, Ted Dooley, Gina B, Carla, Art On Wheels, Bruce of NE MN, Sarah Coffey, Jude O, Daryll, Jen L, Rob Ash, Submedia TV, Black Dog Cafe, Kevin, RNC Bike Collective, Aaron, I Witness Video, Jerry, Wylie, Zul

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